For the City Sunday

Once a quarter, our church community gathers together to worship by serving the Greater Greensboro Community.

May 22nd we will be serving McNair Elementary.  

Where and what time?

9:30 – 11:30 am
McNair Elementary School
4603 Yanceyville Rd
Browns Summit, NC 27214

What will we be doing? 
There are two tasks that we’ve been asked to help with – weeding and assembling the students summer take-home packets.  So there is an inside and outside option.

Weeding – We want to weed the flower beds that we have planted over the past two years.  If you have gloves or weeding tools, please bring them.

Summer Packets – we want to help the teachers by assembling their summer student packets. This helps the teachers immensely and helps the students retain their learning over the summer.  In fact, without missio to help out with the packets this year, McNair was not going to be able to send anything home with the kids.   

What About Kids?
Between helping with the packets and weeding, there are a lot of things that the kids can do with this service opportunity.  However, for the very young (and to give even the older kids a little bit of a break), we will have a few people from our community watching the kids on the playground while we’re at McNair.  If it is extremely hot or raining, we will have a room with activities for the kids that aren’t able to help with the work.