Give More: Relational Giving Workshop

This Sunday (December 14) at the Gathering we will be having a relational gift workshop.

As part of The Advent Conspiracy, we have discussing how we can enter into the story of Christmas and celebrate in a way that tells the story of Jesus.  Over the past few weeks at the Gathering, we’ve looked at how saying no to overspending allows us to focus more on giving gifts that strengthen our relationships with others and proclaim what is truly important.

This Sunday, we’ll have an opportunity to bring some of these relational ideas to life.

During the Gathering, we’ll spend time brainstorming ideas about how we can give relationally.  We’ll have craft supplies available for you to make cards or coupon books to go along with your gift ideas.  Several members of our community who are crafty and have skill in making things for others have agreed to teach others who want to learn how to make something for a loved one.  We will also have gift catalogs from various ministries (such as World Vision and Church World Service, among others) if you wish to include any of these items as a gift.

Bring any ideas you might have for a relational gift, along with any craft supplies (scalloped scissors, paper cutters, etc.) that you might have, and join us as we put our heads together to brainstorm ideas that give the gift of presence and love for Christmas.