IF: Gathering (Women’s Retreat)

If God is who he says he his, then what? What do we do? How do we live out a life of faith?

Our plan this year is to rent a house (or two) on Ocean Isle, NC. To get away for the weekend, away from distractions and worries, and responsibilities, to focus on how we want to live as women of faith.  It is going to be an incredible weekend of gathering together, women from different churches and backgrounds, to worship and learn, and be encouraged to run boldly after God.

We’re trying to keep the cost to about $100 per person for lodging for the weekend. Once we have a better idea about number of attendees, we’ll update you with further details!

You can learn a little more here: http://casselljourneytoafrica.blogspot.com/2014/10/ifgreensboro.html

To register, follow the link below.  The donation is just for your registration for the If:Gathering to help them pay for the cost of putting on the event. Last year we suggested a donation of $25. This year, pray about it and donate whatever you feel you should.


Please register by October 31, 2014