Tithing with Online Bill Pay

Currently missio dei:gso doesn’t have the ability to process your tithe directly through our website, but below are the details in that will enable you to utilize your financial institutions “Bill Pay”* option to send your payment directly to us.  The Bill Pay option will allow you to schedule your tithe on the frequency you desire in the dollar amount you select.  As with all contributions made to Missio Dei – GSO we will provide you with an annual contribution letter outlining the total annual contributions for use when preparing you taxes the following year.

Begin by accessing your financial institutions website and searching for “How to setup Bill Pay”.  Follow the instructions (reading carefully the disclosures) to ensure the amount and frequency of your tithe is accurate.  Below are a few items you must enter correctly in order for the funds to reach Missio Dei – GSO.


Payee Address:

PO BOX 39073

*Items to be aware of before setting up online bill pay through you financial institution.

  • Some financial institutions charge a fee for bill pay, please verify any fee related and ensure that you are comfortable with that fee prior to proceeding with setting up Bill Pay.
  • When sending funds via bill pay the bank will debit your checking/savings account for the funds and then mail a cashier’s check to the address specified.  Most banks have identified a 5 business day delay in the payee receiving the funds, so the funds are debited 5 business days prior to the date you choose for the funds to be delivered.
  • Missio Dei – GSO will document your contribution as of the date postmarked.