The Church Gathered

The Gathering - missio dei:gso is not a collection of smaller churches, but one church that impacts many communities.  The Gathering is a time for the unified body of missio dei:gso to worship together through music, preaching, and reflecting on what God is doing in our communities.

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values: unity, preaching, celebration

CityConnect Events - While each of Community Groups seek to serve the city and we encourage all members of our community to live for the good of the city individually, some projects are beyond the scope of smaller groups.  CityConnect events are opportunities for people from different community groups to band together to reach out to the city through service or social events. We encourage anyone to join us as we serve our city.  For a list of CityConnect events, please see our CityConnect Calendar (coming soon) or contact

values: service, connection

Missional Community Groups - Community Groups are people that are intentionally involved in each other’s lives.   They will meet together at least every other week to share a meal, serve together, or encourage each other.  What different Community Groups do when they meet varies from week to week and group to group, but each balance their focus on their relationship with God, their relationship with each other and their relationship with their surrounding community.  For more information about Community Groups or to find a Community Group near you, contact

values: encouragement, stretching

Life Groups - These small groups of two to four of the same gender commit to meet together at least once a month for personal development, spiritual growth, and accountability.  These groups read Scripture in community to understand what God has done and what he is doing in our lives, share lives with one another – creating a safe place for repentance, support, and encouragement – and pray for others individually and specifically.  For more information on our life groups, contact

values: accountability, intimacy