The Church Scattered

The Church is not only the church when we are together, but it is who we are at all times.  We are called to be people of reconciliation in every aspect of life.  missio dei: gso not only seeks to gather people together to apply the gospel, we want to empower people to apply the gospel to every situation and environment.  We can truly live out of the gospel for the good of the city when we display who Christ is in our families, neighborhoods, places of employment, and schools.  The purpose of gathering is to encourage and empower us to impact the lives of those around us.

Our goal is not to have a bunch of ministries that members of our community must fit themselves into, but to help each individual discover their passion and how to use that passion to serve God in our city.  Each of us has different experiences, strengths and gifts that can benefit the city.  As our community has grown, we have developed partnerships with other organizations and ministries to work together for the good of Greensboro.  We are committed to facilitating you to become a picture of reconciliation to your community.  We are continually looking for others to partner with for the good of Greensboro, for the glory of God.  Please check out some of our mission partners.