Core Convictions

God – There is one true and living God, creator and sustainer of the universe.  God reveals Himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with distinct personal attributes, but without division of nature, essence, or being.

Jesus – Jesus is both fully God and fully human and the only mediator between God and man. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the Cross to reconcile humanity to God, was buried, was raised from the dead, ascended into heaven, and will one day physically return to restore all things.

Humanity – Humanity is the special creation of God, made in God’s image.  As such, all people of every age, race, class, gender, and belief are equal in value and significance – worthy of love, dignity, and respect.  As a result of the fall, all humanity has inherited a sinful nature, predisposed to distrust and willfully disobey God. Sin separates us from God, from the life we were created to live, and thus there is a need for restoration.

Salvation – Salvation comes by grace alone, through faith alone, as a person repents of sin and receives forgiveness and reconciliation through Christ.  Salvation is wholly the work of God, based on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, not based on human works.

Scripture – The Bible was written by men divinely inspired and is God’s revelation of Himself to man.  As such it is true and authoritative in matters of life and faith.

The Church – the church is the redeemed people of God, from all tribes and nations, entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation – called to be a blessing to our community and world, proclaiming the good news of Christ in word and deed.