Mission and Values


Our mission is to be a gospel-centered community that demonstrates and proclaims the hope and restoration that is in Jesus, engaging the spiritual, relational, and physical needs of those in our neighborhood, city, and world.


Gospel Identity – We are who we are because of who God is and what he has done through Jesus.  What we do comes out of who we are.  The Gospel says that we are broken people, restored by the grace of God through the work of Jesus.   As such, we live in humility, offering grace and restoration to those around us who are broken.  The Christian life is not about moving beyond the Gospel, but moving deeper into the Gospel and living a life out of that identity.

Incarnational Mission – As disciples of Jesus, we are sent as Jesus was sent.  We are called to enter into the lives of those around us to be a voice of hope and an agent of reconciliation.  This means we build authentic relationships with God and others; to display Christ as a part of who we are to those with whom we live. As we grow in our understanding of God’s Word, we seek to live out the implications of what He has said to be a blessing to those around us.

Holistic Worship – Worship is more than singing songs, it is the act of submitting oneself to God and glorifying Him with our lives.  As such, worship is not confined to a particular hour on a particular day, but happens in all contexts – at work, with our families, with our neighbors, even alone.  Holistic worship not only means that we do all things for God’s glory, but we live all areas of our life out of our identity in Christ.

Relational Generosity – We believe in being good stewards of all that God has provided: resources, talents, time, our entire lives.  We value serving others selflessly and sacrificially.  Generosity goes beyond simply sharing our resources to sharing ourselves.  God’s greatest gift, Jesus, was not a material gift, but a relational one – God giving of himself for the benefit of all humanity and all creation.  When we give ourselves to others, we proclaim this gift to all.